FunctionCalculate a color scale for color density plots
Syntax C/C++#include <Mgraph.h>
void M_setDensityBounds( extended zmin, extended zmax, COLORREF mincolor, COLORREF maxcolor );
Pascal/Delphiuses Mgraph;
procedure M_setDensityBounds( zmin, zmax: Extended; mincolor, maxcolor: COLORREF );
DescriptionA color scale is calculated between the colors mincolor and maxcolor, corresponding to zmin and zmax. In any following MF_xyzDataDensityMap or MF_zDataDensityMap plot, the z values will be translated into colors by interpolation between the extreme values set by M_setDensityBounds. You will rarely call this function directly. It is internally called by all functions of the MF_xyzAutoDensityMap and MF_zAutoDensityMap families.
See alsoM_setDensityMapBounds,   M_findDensityMapBounds,   chapter 15

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