FunctionSet a color scale and draw an X-Y coordinate system for matrix color-density plots
Syntax C/C++#include <Mgraph.h>
void M_setDensityMapBounds( extended xmin, extended xmax, extended ymin, extended ymax, extended zmin, extended zmax, COLORREF mincolor, COLORREF maxcolor );
Pascal/Delphiuses Mgraph;
procedure M_setDensityMapBounds( xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax: Extended; mincolor, maxcolor: COLORREF );
DescriptionSimilarly to the function V_drawAxes for X-Y vector plots, this function calculates a color scale from the parameters mincolor, maxcolor, zmin and zmax, and prepares an X-Y coordinate system with the x and y ranges specified by xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax for color-density plots of matrices. Unlike M_findDensityMapBounds, no adjustment of the x and y ranges is made.

The user will rarely call this function himself. It is internally called by all functions of the MF_xyzAutoDensityMap and MF_zAutoDensityMap families.

See alsoMF_xyzAutoDensityMap,   MF_zAutoDensityMap,   chapter 15

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