MF_xyzDataDensityMap MD_xyzDataDensityMap ME_xyzDataDensityMap
Functionplot a color density map z = f( x, y ) into an existing coordinate system with a previously defined color scale
Syntax C/C++#include <Mgraph.h>
void MF_xyzDataDensityMap( fVector X, fVector Y, fMatrix Z, ui ht, ui len );
C++ MatObj#include <OptiVec.h>
void matrix<T>::xyzDataDensityMap( const vector<T>& X, const vector<T>& Y );
Pascal/Delphiuses Mgraph;
procedure MF_xyzDataDensityMap( X, Y:fVector; MZ:fMatrix; ht, len:UIntSize );
DescriptionThe matrix MZ is plotted against the vectors X and Y into a coordinate system which has to be created by a previous call to MF_setDensityMapBounds or (for automatic scaling) MF_findDensityMapBounds. To perform the plot with automatic range checking and axis scaling, call MF_xyzAutoDensityMap instead.
See alsoMF_zDataDensityMap,   MF_xyzAutoDensityMap,   chapter 15

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