FunctionDefines a screen or printer-page region to be used by VectorLib plotting operations.
Syntax C/C++#include <Vgraph.h>
void V_setPlotRegion( int left, int top, int right, int bottom );
Pascal/Delphiuses Vgraph;
procedure V_setPlotRegion( left, top, right, bottom:Integer);
DescriptionThe rectangular region defined by the parameters, passed to V_setPlotRegion, will hold the coordinate system including all labels generated by future calls to VectorLib plotting functions such as VF_xyAutoPlot. The parameters left, top, right, and bottom are in pixels, counting from the upper left corner of the screen or of the printer page.
V_setPlotRegion has to be called after (!) V_initPlot or V_initPrint.
Error handlingnone
Return valuenone
See alsoV_initPlot,   V_initPrint

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