FunctionConstruct and print an error message
Syntax C/C++#include <VecLib.h>
void V_noteError( char *fname, unsigned why );
Pascal/Delphiuses VecLib;
procedure V_noteError( fname:PChar; why:UInt );
DescriptionIn case of an error, the math functions of VectorLib invoke the following steps:
  • Set the result to the standard value appropriate for the respective function.
  • Debug libraries only: Call V_noteError, if V_FPErrorHandlingMode contains fpErrorNote for the type of error that occurred.
  • V_noteError constructs the appropriate error message and passes it to V_printErrorMsg, which is the function in charge of actually printing the error message.

By default, output is directed to the screen. This may be changed by a call to V_setErrorEventFile (see chapter 5.3).

"fname" is the name of the "complaining" function, and "why" specifies the reason for the complaint.

The parameter "why" may take on the following values:
1 for DOMAIN errors
2 for SING errors
3 for OVERFLOW errors
4 for UNDERFLOW errors
5 for TLOSS errors

Return valuenone
See alsoV_setErrorEventFile,   V_printErrorMsg

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