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Current version: 8.2.4
Registered users of our products can download the present full versions of OptiVec and CMATH from this page. The ZIP files and the INSTALL.EXE files contained in them are password-protected. Our registered users get the passwords by e-mail. If you are a registered user and did not receive the password, please drop us a note at optivec%at%gmx.de (replace %at% by the @ sign)! Consult the documentation of your unzip program about how to uncompress password-protected files. In most cases, you will be automatically asked for the password through a popup dialogue.
You should install the files from this page over any previous version (trial or full) of OptiVec or CMATH; in other words, you need not deinstall your previous version, but simply overwrite it.
If you install the registered version over the Shareware version, be sure to recompile your project(s). (Remember that applications, containing functions of the Shareware version, cease functioning after 90 days and shall not run at all on your clients' computers!)

New features in v8.1.x / 8.2:

  • Overhauled linear system solvers (M?_LUdecompose: LU decomposition and related functions)
  • Much faster implementation of most single-precision math functions
  • VF_polyOdd, VF_polyEven: evaluate polynomials consisting only of odd or only of even terms
  • VF_polyfitOdd, VF_polyfitEven: fit data to odd-only or even-only polynomial representation
  • VF_ratio, VF_ratioOdd, VF_ratioEven: evaluate ratios (one polynomial divided by another)
  • Linux version, GCC and CLang
  • Windows: Compatibility with newest compiler version RAD Studio 12 Athens, MS Visual C++ 2022
  • Full compatibility with BCC32C (CLang-enhanced 32-bit compiler in C++ Builder)
  • Lazarus version now for Lazarus 3.0.x with FPC 3.2.2
  • overhaul of cudaOptivec libraries, both in terms of performance increases and bug fixes
  • A group of new functions, dealing with the characterization of deviations between the elements of a vector and a reference value, or between two vectors:
    V?_reldiffC,V?_reldiffVrelative difference (signed)
    V?_reldevC,V?_reldevVrelative deviation (absolute values)
    V?_maxdevC,V?_maxdevVmaximum deviation
    V?_maxreldevC,V?_maxreldevVmaximum relative deviation
    V?_maxinddevC,V?_maxinddevVmaximum absolute deviation and its index
    V?_maxindreldevCV?_maxindreldevV maximum relative deviation and its index
  • Addition to the family of comparison functions:
    V?_cmp_stVcompare, result is true if "similar to", in the sense of "approximately equal"
    V?_cmp_dtV"dissimilar to", i.e. not even approximately equal
    V?_cmp_stVindindices of "similar" elements of two vectors
    V?_cmp_dtVindindices of "dissimilar" elements of two vectors
    V?_cnt_stVcount how many elements of two vectors are similar
    V?_cnt_dtVcount how many elements of two vectors are dissimilar
  • Improved handling of worker-threads for use of the autothreading libraries in DLL's: New function V_setThreadHandler allows to install callback to the thread handler of the main program (.exe), avoiding the necessity of each DLL calling V_initMT itself and working on its own threads only.
  • Improved thread distribution for the matrix multiplication functions in the autothreading libraries.

Please choose which product you want to download / update:

OptiVec for C++ Builder   (ovbc.zip)  
CMATH for C++ Builder   (cmbc.zip)
OptiVec for Visual C++   (ovvc.zip)
CMATH for Visual C++   (cmvc.zip)
OptiVec for GCC   (ovgc.zip)
CMATH for GCC   (cmgc.zip)
OptiVec for LLVM CLang   (ovcl.zip)
CMATH for LLVM CLang   (cmcl.zip)
OptiVec for Delphi 12, 11.x and 10.x   (ovd10_12.zip)
OptiVec for Delphi XE2 - XE8   (ovdxe.zip)
OptiVec for Delphi 2009 - XE   (ovdold.zip)
CMATH for Delphi 12, 11.x and 10.x   (cmd10_12.zip)
CMATH for Delphi XE2 - XE8   (cmdxe.zip)  
CMATH for Delphi 2009 - XE   (cmdold.zip)
OptiVec for Lazarus / FreePascal   (ovlaz.zip)    
CMATH for Lazarus / FreePascal   (cmlaz.zip)
OptiVec for Linux GCC / CLang   (ovlxc.tgz.gpg)
CMATH for Linux GCC / CLang   (cmlxc.tgz.gpg)
If you have a Master License, please update each individual product separately.

Windows:Unzip the downloaded file into an intermediate location and run Install.exe.

OptiVec for Linux;The downloaded file is an encrypted "tarball". Extract it by typing the sequence
   gpg ovlxc.tgz.gpg   [when prompted, enter the password you received]
   tar -zxf ovlxc.tgz

CMath for Linux;Proceed as for OptiVec, but instead of ovlxc, type cmlxc.

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Last modified: 28 January 2024