FunctionInitialize a sub-set of elements within a vector either with a constant value or with values stored as the elements of another vector.
Syntax C/C++#include <VFstd.h>
void VF_subvector_equC( fVector Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, float C );
void VF_subvector_equV( fVector Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, fVector X );

    (similarly all other functions of this family)
C++ VecObj#include <OptiVec.h>
void vector<T>::subvector_equC( unsigned samp, const T& C );
void vector<T>::subvector_equV( unsigned samp, const vector<T>& X );
Pascal/Delphiuses VFstd;
procedure VF_subvector_equC( Y:fVector; subsz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; C:Single );
procedure VF_subvector_equV( Y:fVector; subsz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; X:fVector );

    (similarly all other functions of this family)
CUDA function C/C++#include <cudaVFstd.h>
int cudaVF_subvector_equC( fVector d_Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, float C );
int cusdVF_subvector_equC( fVector d_Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, float *d_C );
int cudaVF_subvector_equV( fVector d_Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, fVector X );
void VFcu_subvector_equC( fVector h_Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, float C );
void VFcu_subvector_equV( fVector h_Y, ui subsize, unsigned samp, fVector X );

    (similarly all other functions of this family)
CUDA function Pascal/Delphiuses VFstd;
function cudaVF_subvector_equC( d_Y:fVector; subsiz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; C:Single );
function cusdVF_subvector_equC( d_Y:fVector; subsiz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; d_C:PSingle );
function cudaVF_subvector_equV( d_Y:fVector; subsiz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; X:fVector );
procedure VFcu_subvector_equC( h_Y:fVector; subsiz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; C:Single );
procedure VFcu_subvector_equV( h_Y:fVector; subsiz:UIntSize; samp:UIntSize; X:fVector );

    (similarly all other functions of this family)
..._equC:  Yi*samp = C,i=0,...subsize−1
..._equV:Yi*samp = Xi,  i=0,...subsize−1
A sub-set of the elements of a vector is overwritten according to the sampling interval samp: every samp'th element is initialized either with the constant C, or with the value specified as an element of the vector X. A total of subsize elements is initialized, starting with the zeroth one (that means, subsize is not the total size of the vector, but rather the size of the sub-set). VF_subvector_equV is the exact reverse of VF_subvector.
Error handlingnone
Return valuenone
See alsoVF_subvector,   VF_equC,   VF_equV,   VF_subvector_addC

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