FunctionScaling by an integer power of 2.
Syntax C/C++#include <VFmath.h>
int VF_scale2( fVector Y, fVector X, ui size, int Expo );
C++ VecObj#include <OptiVec.h>
int vector<T>::scale2( const vector<T>& X, int Expo );
Pascal/Delphiuses VFmath;
function VF_scale2( Y, X:fVector; size:UIntSize; Expo:Integer ): IntBool;
CUDA function C/C++#include <cudaVFmath.h>
int cudaVF_scale2( fVector d_Y, fVector d_X, ui size, int Expo );
int VFcu_scale2( fVector h_Y, fVector h_X, ui size, int Expo );
CUDA function Pascal/Delphiuses VFmath;
function cudaVF_scale2( d_Y, d_X:fVector; size:UIntSize; Expo:Integer ): IntBool;
function VFcu_scale2( h_Y, h_X:fVector; size:UIntSize; Expo:Integer ): IntBool;
DescriptionYi = Xi * (2 Expo)
Error handlingOVERFLOW errors lead to a default result of ±HUGE_VAL.
Return valueFALSE (0), if no error occurred, otherwise TRUE (non-zero)
See alsoVF_scale10,   VF_mantexp,   ldexp (C/C++)

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