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Current version: 7.3
Registered users of our products can download the present full versions of OptiVec and CMATH from this page. The ZIP files and the INSTALL.EXE files contained in them are password-protected. Our registered users get the passwords by e-mail. If you are a registered user and did not receive the password, please drop us a note at optivec%at%gmx.de (replace %at% by the @ sign)! Consult the documentation of your unzip program about how to uncompress password-protected files. In most cases, you will be automatically asked for the password through a popup dialogue.
You should install the files from this page over any previous version (trial or full) of OptiVec or CMATH; in other words, you need not deinstall your previous version, but simply overwrite it.
If you install the registered version over the Shareware version, be sure to recompile your project(s). (Remember that applications, containing functions of the Shareware version, cease functioning after 90 days and shall not run at all on your client's computers!)

New features in v7.2 and v7.3:

  • Support for GCC and CLang for Windows
  • Updated include-files for conformity with latest C / C++ standards.
  • Syntax change for all routines of the VF_nonlinfit family: The user-provided model function (and, if used, "derivatives" and "restriction") no longer expect the vector of fitting parameters, A, to be a global variable, but get it as an additional parameter. We know that it is annoying to change existing and working code. But in this case, there was no way around. The syntax decisions taken in the early 1990's with the first version of OptiVec for the 286 processor had to be revised in this case, so that these functions become thread-safe for optimum use on present-day multi-core processors.
  • Enhanced thread-safety for all linear system operations (LUD and SVD based): Instead of modifying default editing threshold for pivots in LUD and for singular values in SVD, call new functions with "wEdit" suffix: MF_LUdecomposewEdit, MF_solvewEdit, MF_invwEdit, MF_SVsolvewEdit etc.
  • Enhanced thread-safety for all routines of the VF_linfit family: Instead of modifying default value for "LinfitNeglect", use new function VF_linfitwEdit.

Please choose which product you want to download / update:

OptiVec for C++ Builder   (ovbc.zip)  
CMATH for C++ Builder   (cmbc.zip)
OptiVec for Visual C++   (ovvc.zip)
CMATH for Visual C++   (cmvc.zip)
OptiVec for GCC   (ovgc.zip)
CMATH for GCC   (cmgc.zip)
OptiVec for LLVM CLang   (ovcl.zip)
CMATH for LLVM CLang   (cmcl.zip)
OptiVec for Delphi 10.x   (ovd10x.zip)
OptiVec for Delphi XE2 - XE8   (ovdxe.zip)
OptiVec for Delphi 7 - XE   (ovdold.zip)
CMATH for Delphi 10.x   (cmd10x.zip)
CMATH for Delphi XE2 - XE8   (cmdxe.zip)  
CMATH for Delphi 7 - XE   (cmdold.zip)
OptiVec for Lazarus / FreePascal   (ovlaz.zip)    
CMATH for Lazarus / FreePascal   (cmlaz.zip)
If you have a Master License, please update each individual product separately.

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Last modified: 23 August 2018