Functionde-allocate a certain number of matrices (C/C++ only)
Syntax C/C++#include <MFstd.h>
void M_nfree( unsigned numfree, ... );
Pascal/DelphiThis function does not exist
CUDA function C/C++#include <cudaMatLib.h>
int cudaM_nfree( unsigned numfree, ... );
DescriptionThe parameter numfree "tells" the function how many matrices it has to free. These matrices follow in the parameter list after numfree. De-allocation of matrices not allocated by one of the functions of the MF_matrix or MF_matrix0 family is not possible.
Pascal/Delphi: since a variable number of parameters is not supported in Pascal language, this function is missing.
Example C/C++M_nfree( 3, MX, MY, MZ );
See alsoM_free,   V_freeAll,   cudaM_pinnedNfree,   chapter 2

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