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MCF_inv MCD_inv MCE_inv
Functionmatrix inversion
Syntax C/C++#include <MFstd.h>
int MF_inv( fMatrix Inv, fMatrix MA, ui len );
C++ MatObj#include <OptiVec.h>
void matrix<T>::inv( const matrix<T>& MA );
Pascal/Delphiuses MFstd;
function MF_inv( MInv, MA:fMatrix; len:UIntSize ):IntBool;
DescriptionThe inverse of the matrix MA is stored in MInv. If MA is non-invertible, the function fails with an error message and returns TRUE (1). Internally, inversion is accomplished via LU decomposition. In order to prevent the function from failing, you can define a minimum pivot for the decomposition, using MF_LUDsetEdit. In that case, any matrix is made invertible, and MF_inv returns always FALSE (0). Only a call to MF_LUDresult will tell you if editing has actually been necessary to avoid a singularity. If such a result is still useful, shall depend on your specific application.
Return valueFALSE (0), if no error occurred, otherwise TRUE (non-zero).
See alsochapter 10

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