MF_MatrixTo2DArray MD_MatrixTo2DArray ME_MatrixTo2DArray
MCF_MatrixTo2DArray MCD_MatrixTo2DArray MCE_MatrixTo2DArray
Functionconvert OptiVec matrix into 2D-array of Delphi 4 or higher
Syntax C/C++N.A.
Pascal/Delphiuses VecLib, MFstd;
type fArray = array of Single;
type f2DArray = array of fArray;
procedure MF_MatrixTo2DArray( DelphiArr:f2DArray; MF:fMatrix; ht,len:UIntSize);
DescriptionThis function is necessary only for Delphi 4 or higher. (Previous versions of Borland Pascal/Delphi did not support dynamically allocated matrices.) It converts OptiVec matrices into two-dimensional Delphi arrays. Note that, unlike static Pascal/Delphi matrices, the dynamic matrices of Delphi 4+ cannot directly be passed to OptiVec functions, but have to be converted first by calling MF_2DArrayToMatrix. If you ever need an OptiVec matrix back into Delphi format, this is done by the present function.
See alsoMF_2DArrayToMatrix,   chapter 1.4

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