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"Exactly what I was looking for"

"As a writer of astronomy software, I needed a way of enhancing the computation speed of our product MyStars! In order to evaluate OptiVec, I replaced 20 lines of my C++ code with a single VectorLib call. I immediately had a 20% speed increase across my whole program! At this point I knew that OptiVec was exactly what I was looking for." 
David Patte 
Relative Data Products, Inc.

"Speed-up by a factor of 4.7"

"I tested OptiVec for my least squares and Kalman Filter navigation and survey applications. My intent was to verify that OptiVec could speed up my application by a factor of two or three. This would meet my threshold for using libraries which were not my own. OptiVec indeed achieved this speed improvement. In fact, I was astounded when I achieved a factor of 4.7 in an application which emphasized the repetitive multiplication of large matrices." 
Dr. Benjamin W. Remondi 
The XYZ's of GPS, Inc. 

"Could not be more satisfied with the performance and the documentation provided"

"I originally wrote my complex ffts and filters using Delphi. I was quite nervous about changing over to OptiVec libraries as my experiences with external software packages have been generally very bad. However, after rewriting my code to run with OptiVec, my processing time was reduced by a factor of over three times. Using a 1Ghz Pentium, I can now process a full color 640 x 480 image in under 1 second. You can see some of the results on my website.
Martin Gersten 

OptiVec received the silver award of
SimplyTheBest Shareware.
SimplyTheBest Shareware
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